Lesley’s Creative Cakes Terms & Conditions

Customer Pick-up Times:

12:00n – 2:00pm Wednesday through Friday

9:00am – 10:00 am Saturday

(unless other arrangements are made)

Customer agrees to:

  • Final payment must be made in full prior to pick up
  • Email communication only as there are no in-person consultations offered at this time
  • Supply all the final details within a timely manner. For weddings and larger events this means all details need to be received no later than one week prior to the event. For specialty Cake orders we request 5 to 7 day notice for all final details.

Lesley’s Creative Cakes (LCC) is not responsible for the following:

  • Weather conditions such as humidity, rain, heat, etc.
  • Injury to cake during customer transport
  • Injury to cake due to additions placed after customer receives
  • Injury of cake do to removal of the cake from the refrigerator more than 30 minutes prior to serving
  • Injury to cake after final placement at delivery
  • Injury to cake due to customer choice of placement of the cake such as near a window or open door.
  • Injury to cake after customer delivery and set-up, or pick-up, i.e. venue staff moving cake and/or table, guest interference, etc
  • Injury to customer from inedible items in cake or decorations necessary to achieve structural integrity, i.e. straws, skewers, etc.
  • Injury to customer from inedible decorations such as toys or structure for hand sculpted figures
  • Quality of freshness if not consumed within 24 hours of pick up or delivery 
  • Holding cake past requested date
  • Cake topper, flowers or other decorations unless specified in writing and paid for
  • Cake decoration completion at venue if customer-provided items such as cake topper, flowers, etc are not available at the venue
  • Staying to cut the cake at the end of the event
  • Supplying cake plates, forks or cake cutting utensils
  • Top tier item and its repackaging that may be saved for future anniversary
  • Color variation from inspiration photo or color swatch sent via electronic devices
  • Minor detail variation from submitted photos due to decoration availability
  • Chosen fillings that will make cake more moist as it sits, i.e. milk in custard or pineapple with juices
  • Allergies to flavorings in cakes, frostings, or other aspects when not addressed in writing prior
  • Refunds of non-refundable deposits for specific date requested
  • Refunds of any money after cancellation within 72 hours
  • Any deposits or payments made in error due to customer entering wrong contact info